Business Development, Supply Chain, Digital Transformation and our Services

Strategic and operational Business Development

e.g. (International) Expansion – External Support brings in fresh Ideas, acts as Driver, Catalyst and speeds up Implementation.

Cross-Culture Mediation Marktet Analysis and Development Strategic Market Entry Support for Due Diligence Process

Long-term Eperience and international Network:
Europe – D, A, CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), F, I, Slovenia, UK etc.
Mid and Far East– VAE, Pakistan, an similar
(South East-) Asia – China, Japan, Singapore etc.North America – USA, Canada

Business Development Consulting “Catalyst Function” for quick, successful Market Entry Consulting for Strategic Sales-/Marcom Support to find and build up e.g. Subsidiaries, Partner, Clients, Incentives ...

SOS – Sourcing and Operative Support as a Service

Supply Chain: Procurement, Design-to-Cost or Staff Requirements – we offer support and the following services:


  • Search for Suppliers
  • Supplier-Evaluation
  • Supplier-Selection
  • Supplier-Management
  • Material – direct and indirect
  • HR (Recruiting Support)

Operational Support

  • Operational Purchasing
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Negotiations
  • Design-to-Cost
  • Sourcing-as-a-Service (SOS)
  • Management Support
  • Contract-/ License-Management
  • Interims (Executive) Management


  • for Clients
  • for Markets
  • for Partners
  • for new Opportunities
Do you know the performance

of your Procurement?

With our Quick-Scan Methodology you can analyze your Procurement Organization.

Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0:

Chance or Risk?

Examine Strategy and Business Model(s) in order to adapt to constantly changing customer requirements and to stay competitive.  Sales and Marketing face the challenge to offer tailor-made products and services and react quickly to customer needs (multi-channel, optimized Customer Journey, increase customer loyalty…).

Know your Customer and/or the Customer Requirements is key and challenge at the same time. To know your customer and the (personal) relationship has never before been more important.
Know your Customer!

At the same time the Innovation Cycles, Design, Product Development and Production need to be optimized, and Supply Chain Management as well as the Organization need to be aligned.

We would like to support our clients in understanding change as a positive process. Please see our following services: 

Fit for Digital Opportunities?

  • Quick Scan – Status / Maturity Level
  • Evaluation
  • Summary of Results
  • Priorities and Roadmap

Consulting Services

  • Definition of Actions to increase Customer Value and/or Turnover
  • Set Priorities (low hanging fruit?)
  • Definition of Projects, Budget, Team(s)
  • Agile and fast organizational Structure
  • Processes: Innovation, Design, Product Development, Supply Chain…

Operational Support

  • Organization of Projects & Teams
  • Controlling of the Project Progress
  • Implementation Support

Our Services and Support

Our Focus varies, depending on the maturity level of the organization - Start-up, SME, Group of Companies (for example):

  • Ideas and sustainable Strategies for the future
  • Strategic and operational Business Development (new markets, clients, partners, etc.)
  • Restructuring – Consolidation
  • Search for Clients, Partners, Suppliers or Exit Strategies
  • Cost and Process Optimization
  • Procurement Consulting and Support
  • Identification of sustainable Technologies
  • Organization (agile and flexible, Organization Analysis*)
  • Change Management
  • Transparency of Data and active Controlling
  • Cash flow-Management

*Our Methodology helps you analyze, find gaps and define measures for an optimized organization.

Daniela Dölling
Daniela Dölling (MBA)

Professional support in advisory boards and operational functions.

Based on long-term experience as an entrepreneur and in consulting/supporting of medium-sized clients and large group of companies, Daniela Doelling supports in supervisory or advisory boards and/or operational functions (e.g. CEO/CFO).

Our Solutions and Services are tailored to the requirements of our Clients and their Markets.

Successful implementation is key to our solutions and services.
Depending on the industry, we focus on the following areas:
  • Business Plan – Support, Start-up Phase &  Guided Growth
  • Financing Options
  • Organization
  • Controlling of Progress & Success
  • Cash Flow Planning & Management
  • Partner/Clients/Network
  • Supplier
  • Digital Business Models
  • Business Development / International Expansion
  • Sales (Clients & Markets)
  • Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0
  • Controlling & Cash Flow Management
  • Procurement / Sourcing as a Service
  • (agile) Organization
  • Find a Successor / Exit
  • Supply Chain
  • Cost Cutting / Design-to-Cost
  • Build-up of a „Shared Service Org.“
  • (Global) Sourcing
  • Supplier-Negotiations / -Workshops
  • Project Management

We work across industries – please find our reference projects/industries in the following:

  • Service Industry
  • eCommerce
  • Electronics (EMS)
  • Energy
  • „green“ Technologies
  • General Trade
  • Industry
  • IT
  • Art Market
  • Mobility
  • Public Sector
  • Transport
  • Waste Management